Andonis Wolverson New Director of Football

The Board of Directors of Stowmarket Town Football Club is thrilled and pleased to announce the appointment of Andonis Wolverson as our new Director of Football. Andonis, who has been a valued member of our team since January 2022, steps up from his previous role as Club Secretary, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to the football leadership of the club. His former role will now be filled by Kieran Margetson, whom we warmly welcome to the team. We are excited about Andonis’ vision for our footballing future and look forward to seeing how he will guide our teams’ on-field performance and success. Please join us in welcoming Andonis and Kieran to their new roles.”

Message from Andonis Wolverson, Director of Football:
I am delighted to assume the role of Director of Football at Stowmarket Town Football Club. My association with the club began when I joined as Fixture Secretary in January 2022. Subsequently, I took on the role of Club Secretary in January 2023. Kieran Margetson has joined the club as Secretary and I am sure you will all join me in welcoming him aboard and giving him all our support as he undertakes this challenging but rewarding and important role within the club.

Since becoming a part of this vibrant community club, the infectious atmosphere and warmth of the people around this club has continually astounded me. In this new role, my approach is not about reinventing the wheel or making short-term sweeping changes in the hope of an overnight transformation. Instead, my focus lies in wholeheartedly embodying and championing the club’s vision and ethos. I will act as a vital link between the board of directors and the managers of our First, U23, and U18 teams to ensure continued footballing growth.

I have pursued and completed PFSA-backed qualifications in Performance Analysis, Talent Identification, and Opposition Analysis in football. These qualifications, coupled with my current role, provide me with the opportunity to apply these acquired skills. I aim to help coaches identify talent both internally (through our own Pathway) and externally, while ensuring the implementation of senior board members’ philosophies on the pitch, delivering an enjoyable experience for our fans at Greens Meadow. This transition from Club Secretary to Director of Football reinforces my unwavering commitment to Stowmarket Town Football Club, allowing me to channel my focus more towards footballing matters rather than purely administrative tasks.

Over the last five years, Stowmarket Town Football Club has experienced significant growth, marked by various promotions. Despite recent widespread changes, we currently find ourselves in a challenging position within a strong league. Our immediate goal is to remain at Step 4 of the football pyramid. The ongoing 2023/24 season hasn’t been without challenges, and some of our results and performances have been unacceptable. We find ourselves in a position in the table that we do not want to be in, and we must commit to hard work and difficult decisions to improve our standing. However, with over 25 games left in the season, I remain optimistic about the team’s ability to turn things around. Rest assured, we are diligently working to explore player assessments, formations, and new on-field combinations to elevate our league position.

I understand that current results do not entirely reflect the football club’s efforts, but the challenges ahead excite me, and I maintain a positive outlook for the remainder of the season. Notably, our Under 23s are positioned well in the Thurlow Nunn U23 Division, challenging for the title, and are gearing up for exciting encounters in the Semi-Finals of both the Senior Reserve Cup and the Chell Trophy. Our U18s also continue to represent themselves well in a highly competitive league and have an excellent opportunity to continue progressing in the Midweek Cup.

Long-term growth hinges on two pivotal factors. Firstly, we recognise the need for increased advertising and sponsorship from local individuals and companies. Secondly, leveraging our on-field performances to enhance the club’s standing within the community is crucial. Encouraging people to not only attend matches but also to return for more will be influenced by the atmosphere and performances on the pitch.

I understand that it has often been felt this season that the club has not communicated as effectively as it could or should have. I accept this and pledge that going forward, I will be as open as possible about footballing matters to ensure that the fans of this great club are kept up to date with the latest news and information. Without the fans and supporters of this great club, there is no club. I will provide a full development plan in due course with the football community and one clear message at its core: Stowmarket Town is One Club. Our Club. Since 1883.

Andonis Wolverson
Director of Football, Stowmarket Town Football Club