We Team Up with Warm Welcome Spaces to Support Local Community

Stowmarket Town Football Club is excited to join the Warm Welcome Campaign, an initiative focused on transforming lives affected by poverty and isolation into experiences of warmth and community connection.

We’re opening our doors every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 am to 1 pm, starting this week, to offer a free, warm, welcoming space for everyone in our community.

Warm Welcome Spaces
Tackling Loneliness and Poverty: With over 14.4 million people in the UK living in poverty and over 7 million experiencing chronic loneliness, the Warm Welcome Campaign is a beacon of hope. These spaces offer a safe, warm environment where individuals can connect, make new friends, and feel included in the community.

A Respite During Cold Months
The winter can be challenging, especially for those struggling to afford heating. More than half of the visitors to Warm Welcome Spaces would have been at home without heating otherwise, highlighting the crucial role these spaces play during colder times.

Community Engagement and Connection
These spaces are more than just about staying warm; they foster community engagement. Visitors come for the warmth, safety, and opportunity to meet both new and old friends, creating a sense of belonging and community.

Free Tea and Coffee!
At Stowmarket Town FC, we’re adding a little extra warmth to our welcome. In addition to a cosy space, we’re offering free tea and coffee to all our visitors. It’s our way of making your time with us even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Join Us in This Compassionate Movement
We invite you to be part of this meaningful initiative. Whether you’re seeking warmth, companionship, or just a friendly space with a hot cup of tea or coffee, our doors are open for you. Together, let’s support those in need and strengthen our community bonds.

For more about the Warm Welcome Campaign and its impactful work, visit Warm Welcome Campaign.