No long term commitment. Just short term actions.

The club desperately needs to increase its volunteer base.
The club, on and off the pitch, has made great strides in driving this historic football club forward and none of that would have been possible without its many volunteers.

However, following the covid closures, we have sadly seen a big decline in those volunteer numbers and need to rectify this before the season finishes in May. Without your voluntary help, the club will struggle to survive.

Financially, on the pitch, the player and coaches’ commitment has had tremendous support with our ongoing club sponsorship which is continuing into the new season.

Thanks to the rest of our sponsorship, we can also see stability throughout the club. But we need to keep on growing.
The committee today is very small and the volunteer base even smaller. This is where we need your help.

We understand that people don’t want to fully commit to groups or attend long boring meetings and our club is structured in such a way as to ask for help on an Action by Action basis, making meetings superfluous! Meaning that if you can spare an hour a month or 10 hours a month, we have actions that fit all commitments as well as ALL skill sets. Do you think you can help?

As volunteers come onboard, these are the typical questions they ask:

Do I need to be in meetings once a month?
No. We work on a set of actions that have target dates on them or have a regular duration allocation to them. These actions work hand in hand with other actions so one person does not have the pressure of one large job of work and therefore has no meeting commitments.

Do I have to miss any matches?
No. We certainly have some match day actions, but you don’t need to pick those up if you don’t want to.

 I don’t have any discernible skills that I think may help.
Think again! We just need bodies. From making a phone call to selling a raffle ticket, we just need a volunteer base to split the actions across.

So if you have the club at heart and want to see it continue or if you don’t know us and want to give something back to the community, please contact us for further details.

If you are ready now!…

This Saturday, 8th January, we have “volunteer ground walk” day starting at 11am.
If you would like to have a non-commitment chat to see what we are up to, please come along. You will get free entry into the match that starts at 3pm.

Volunteers Contact:
Email: Info@stowmarkettownfc.co.uk
Text: 07791592329 – Text your name and we will call you back.

Thank you
Stowmarket Town board of directors