Ukraine Crisis

See how Stowmarket Town Football can support the Ukraine Crisis.

Elizabeth Parker from the CHERNOBYL CHILDREN’S LIFELINE is running a program to bring children from the Ukraine via their Health Respite Program.

Words from Elizabeth ParkerAs we are all aware the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is causing much hardship for the people living there who just want to be left alone to get on with their lives. These are people we support on a day to day basis, people who I personally visited in December. Many have lost their homes, some their lives. It is a tragic situation. There is also a lot of “fake news” flying around on the internet but I would assure you that everything I write which is from direct contact with our friends in Ukraine, is genuine and validated.

The photos of the buildings attached are the very buildings we visited in December when  delivering the Christmas stockings to the children. Our driver Sergei used to live in a flat located in the gap in the building – fortunately he was not at home at the time of the bomb hitting. Most of this area of Borydanka now has no utilities, no water supply,  no phones, sporadic  internet connection and many are in hiding in cellars. Yesterday I received a communication from one of he social workers we know, it only said “I live” – she had managed to get a connection for just a few minutes.

We are being asked about collections of donations to send aid to the families. We are not currently doing the because there are so many other organisations actively working to do this and lorries and vehicles are tracking up at the Polish borders unable to get through. We know from our experience and our direct contacts that what is needed “on the ground” is  food, water, medication, specific baby supplies such as nappies and high protein baby foods. The best way to deliver this is for the products to be bought locally (or in Poland) and delivered directly to those most in need and it is for this reason that we are concentrating on raising financial aid that we can ensure is used to deliver help in the quickest and most effective way. I would ask you to please share the attached photo with friends and family.
Yea re also being asked if we will be bringing children from the Ukraine via our Health Respite Program and the answer is yes, when the time is right and we are able to do so. With this in mind, if anyone would be interested in Hosted a child/children we would like to hear from you know so paperwork can be completed and we can hit the ground running as soon as the opportunity allows us to.
Lastly, one way of raising funds is via our online Ebay Charity shop. If you have anything at all that you think we may be able to sell please do get in touch and if at all possible we will arrange to collect from you. The list if what can be sold is so diverse please do ask rather than just thinking we wouldn’t want it.

Thank you to everyone for your support in these very trying times.