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Surprise For Freddie

Alex Moss  Twitter:   @stowtownfc  Picture: Contributed

A young Stowmarket Town fan got the surprise of his life when Josh Mayhew surprised him recently with his own shirt.

Freddie Seager, six, from Ipswich, has been cheering on the Old Gold and Blacks for the last two years with his dad Scott, and his favourite player is Stow’s leading goalscorer Mayhew.

At the end of 2019, Freddie underwent a major operation to have a brain tumour removed, and his bravery and support for the club was recently recognised with Mayhew handing him a shirt with his name on the back.

“We went to watch Stow one week and really liked the atmosphere,” Scott said. “That was two years ago and we’ve gone ever since.

“I said when he had the operation they sprinkled stardust in his head. He’s a cracking lad. He’s like my right hand man, we’re more like bros than father and son.

“What the club have done was really touching. We really love going to watch the games.

“When Josh turned up with the shirt, I didn’t know anything about it. Josh sent us a message on Christmas Day saying that he’d got a present for Freddie. It couldn’t have been better if it was Mo Salah!”

Stowmarket Town manager Paul Musgrove added: “It was Bart Lorimer, at Bildeston, who contacted me and said that Scott and Freddie had been coming down to watch the games, and explained what had happened to Freddie and how brave he had been.

“It’s obviously a heart warming story, and they made themselves known to us. We took them around the changing room and Freddie got to meet Josh and a few of the other lads.

“I gave them my number and we ended up chatting on the phone every week just to make sure he was all right. Freddie is such a funny little lad and comes out with one liners.

“He’s a lovely character and anything we can do to perk his spirits up we want to do, because he’s fought a horrendous battle and still got a way to go.

“They were going to come and watch the last Vase game, but because of the Covid restrictions decided against it. So, me and Josh sent them a message and Josh, to be fair to him, took it upon himself to go and get Freddie a shirt, which was a nice touch.

“We’d just like to thank Scott and Freddie for their support and we look forward to seeing them on a matchday soon.”