Super 6 June

As we entered the final month, the title race was wide open, but the leader going in to it held on to the top spot collecting the £150 top prize, with a total of 464 points.

Many congratulations to David Friend.

Kev Blundell managed to hold on to second place with 449 points picking up £50. Third place with 448 points and a £20 prize went to Craig Brown.

The last manager of the month prize of £20 for May was won by John Griffin who accumulated 53 points.

The £20 spot prize for the highest weekly score went to Dan Manning from round 5 (with a score of 22 points).

A big thank you to everyone who took part, we will be back again for the start of the new season. 

Super 6 Top 10 in June

John Griffin 53

Richard Smith 47

Simon Hall 46

Craig Brown 44

Adam Burch 43

Wayne Middlemas 43

Stuart Loftus 42

Roy Steggall 41

Tony Burch 41

David Friend 39

Super 6 Overall Top 10

David Friend 464

Kevin Blundell 449

Craig Brown 448

Adam Burch 444

Josh Aldous 443

John Griffin 440

Andy Horrex 439

Chelsea Sparkes 436

Wayne Martin 429

Wayne Martin 421