Ryan Capon’s Journey at Stow

Youth Highlight: Ryan Capon’s Journey at Stowmarket Town

Ryan Capon is an exciting goalkeeper for Stowmarket Town. Capon began his journey at the club aged 12 and has progressed through the ranks, starting with the U12’s, and working his way up to the U18’s reserves. He made his first-team debut at just 17 years old last season, showcasing his impressive abilities as a goalkeeper.

Capon is a Stowmarket man through and through, apart from his year at Sudbury Academy. Speaking about his future, he said, “I’m excited by what the future may hold football wise going forward. I’ve always had my hopes in the future at Stow.” Capon is grateful to the staff and players at the club for their guidance, and he credits his development to watching goalkeeper Bradders closely. He hopes to continue pushing forward and help the club progress in the future.

Capon is just one of many young players at the club who are eager to prove themselves. He said, “There’s so many young players like me, chomping at the bit to show what they can do. It’s exciting times for sure.” With his impressive performances at youth level and his debut for the senior team, Capon is an exciting prospect for the club. With the right guidance and support from the coaches and senior players, he has the potential to become a star player for Stowmarket Town and beyond.

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