Richard Wilkins Steps Down

A meeting was held last night between the Board and the management team of Richard Wilkins and Alex Rossis where the financial position of the club and new team budget restraints imposed on them were explained. Unfortunately, both have decided their positions at the club were no longer tenable and so they have left the club. We thank them for everything they’ve done towards the development of the club.

The committee remain focussed on their efforts to overcome this difficult financial situation that they have been left in. As a club we were lucky enough in previous years to have the financial backing of Tom Morley with his donations, and we thank him again for supporting the club.

To this end, we have made some extremely difficult decisions which will require a continued reshuffle at the club.

We will release the full details in the coming days once these are finalised and we thank you for your continued support of our long term project to develop the club for the future.