Date:  Sunday 28th January 2023 11.30

Apologies: Doug French

Attendees:  See list at foot of page.

Matters arising: Nil

Chairman’s Report: Copy available

KB wanted it noted on record that we publicly Thank Tom Morley for all his support and everything he has contributed to the success of the club

Secretaries Report:  Copy available

Treasurers Report:  Copy Available

Director of Operations Report:  Copy available

Director of Projects Report:  Copy available

Director of Commercial report: Not available

Election of Directors & Club Officials:

  • Existing directors to keep posts, all voted on and all unanimously carried by those attending
  • No new proposal received to be a director

Matters for the board to consider:

No new matters for consideration

Kevin Blundell
Ian Moyes   
Vicki Theobald                     
Paul Rudland   
Nigel Jarvis                                    
Stuart Loftus                         
Dean Cracknell
Tony Brinkley                                   
Chris Brinkley                                                               
Sue Norman
Darin Geary                                      
Shelia Sharpe                       
Mick Norman
David Walker                                    
Neil Sharpe                          
Rob Linnett                                 
Tony Morley                         
Davis Amley

I would like to thank all the Directors for their reports, and I would personally like to thank all at the
club for their assistance and volunteers for helping push the club to where it is today. I would also
like to thank all of you for taking the time out of your busy lives to attend this AGM

You should all by now be aware that Paul Musgrove stepped down from his role as Manager post
the Lowestoft Town home defeat on 14th January 2023. I would personally like to thank him for his
service to the club over the years and wish him and his family good luck for the future. The hunt for
a replacement manager continues and the entire board are working on this.

However due to personal, family & work commitments I have had to step down from the following
roles at the club, I had previously informed the Board of Directors separately on the 15th January
2023 and prior to this meeting today:

• Chairperson/Chairman
• Welfare Officer
• DBS Co-ordinator
• Chartered Standard Co-ordinator
• VEO Administrator
• Chairman of Youth Football
• Youth Welfare Officer
• Kit and equipment officer

Additional Roles that are also available at the club are:

• Financial Director
• Treasurer

All these roles are available to be filled by anybody that can spare the time required to full fill each
role and I wish both them and the club the greatest success in the future. Advertisements will go
out on all social media platforms and within the Suffolk FA website.

Kevin Blundell
Chairperson current incumbent

The 2021-22 season, and pre-season, saw a lot of hard work done by the board, in particular by Neil
Sharp, Delwyn Prentice, Nigel Jarvis, John Griffin and Kevin Blundell. John has now stood down,
mainly due to work commitments also Delwyn and Neil, who quite frankly were worn out with the
responsibility of it all but fortunately they are still helping the club and will do, hopefully, until we
can find someone to replace them.
Since Kevin took the reins, he has worked tirelessly to keep the club on track and has done a
fantastic job in doing so. At the EGM in September 2022, we saw Kevin voted in as Chair, Paul
Rudland director of Operations, Doug French as Commercial Director and Stephen Hobbs as
Financial Director, we have since lost Stephen, again to added work commitments.
When Kev took over, I made a promise to him that I would stay in my role until the end of the
season and I will honour that promise. I feel that after nearly 25 years at the club doing nearly every
job at the club it is time to step away and just enjoy watching the football and not worrying about
The CIC and football club has had its ups and downs but it doesn’t run its self, both need volunteers
and paid employees. Finding people to work for money is relatively easy, almost, but finding
volunteers is almost impossible and that has been my biggest disappointment. For the size of
Stowmarket all attempts to get people to help out at the club as a whole has been the hardest thing
for me to understand. We promote ourselves as a community club but the community does not
respond to the call, people are full of ideas but when it comes to helping out it’s a different story.

We now need:
• Chairman
• Welfare Officer
• DBS Coordinator
• Standard charter Coordinator
• Youth Chairman
• Youth Welfare Officer
• Kit & Equipment Officer (Youth & Adult)
• VEO Administrator
• Financial Director
• Treasurer

So, to all those that did, have and do help and volunteer, thank you, without you the club wouldn’t
be where it is today.

Ian Moyes
Vice Chair

2022 was another busy year for the Club, with numerous improvement projects
completed in a relatively short timescale in order to comply with the requirements of
the league following promotion.

Crowd capacity needed to be increased for open standing and covered seating, which
was achieved by the provision of new pitch perimeter footpaths and new compliant
seating in the main stand. Crowd barriers had to be replaced and upgraded to meet
league standards and a dedicated external toilet block was required for spectators.

The consequences of not achieving these significant and costly improvements by the
required deadline would have been relegation for the First Team and a major set-back
for everybody who has been involved with helping the Club get to its current position.

I’m pleased to report that all necessary work was completed on time (with several
minutes to spare). I would therefore like to say a massive thank you to everybody who
has helped with the stadia upgrade works in 2022, including our own Directors, staff,
volunteers, supporters and hard-working contractors – far too many people to mention

Future improvements will be linked to further success on the pitch, our ability to attract
additional funding from external bodies and availability of match funding from our own

Nigel Jarvis

I have increased our opening hours from a fluid Friday, Saturday & Sunday to Tuesday 7-11, Wednesday 7-11, Thursday 7-11, Friday 5–11, Saturday 12-11, Sunday 12–11

This has led to an increase in bar staff. The staff team are now working well together, I would like to
thank them for their help and support. I am still looking for 1 or 2 ad hoc members of the team for
match days late notice covering of shifts.

I have introduced our own beer “1883”. This is on sale to members for £3 and non-members £4;
during the Football world cup, we ran a promotion at £2.50 until the 1st score in every England
match; this will be repeated for the upcoming Six Nations with the view of trying to widen the club’s
customer base.

I am now selling real ale at the bar again. If the sales keep up, I will be looking to get our own bitter
brewed next season. Watch this space!!

The outside bar has been a trial that has been well received. The final resting place will be on the
end of the stand, and we are now looking at a way to cover it to protect the bar and the staff from
the elements. Currently, we sell 2 lagers on tap, Hot pies and sausage rolls.

By request of the members, a Dartboard has been reinstated as we are looking at entering a team
into the summer darts league. Likewise, with the pool table that has been purchased, we have
entered one team into the league with Jimmy Brown as captain and a second hoping to be entered
soon with Tony Morley as captain. We are currently offering free pool Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and
Thursdays to get the word out about the pool table and to attract drinkers to the club.

I am in talks with the Stowmarket Carnival committee, and we will be running the Bar this year. I
hope this will get the word out about the club and bring in extra revenue.

I am in talks with Green King regarding a new deal; they have also said they may be willing to
invest/sponsor the club somehow. This is in the early stages of negotiation. The outcome/offer is not
finalised at present.

Unfortunately, I have had to give a verbal warning with a ban to one person. They are now allowed
back in with the understanding that the next time will be a written warning and a life ban. I uphold
zero tolerance for abuse of my staff from anyone.

I have a newly appointed cook in the kitchen, and we will be working to gather to review the menu
and suppliers over the next quarter.

I have had a good number of enquiries for the hall hire this year, and I will be working with the
media team to push the hall hire both during the day and the function hall for events.

I want to thank my staff, the committee, and the club members for their support over the last few
months. I feel that I have been engaging with them and developing the club into what they would
like it to be. I cannot Implement every suggestion, but I encourage anyone to come to discuss with
me how we can continue pushing the club forward.

A lot has changed in the last couple of weeks with the recent departure of Paul as first team manager. Paul has been a massive part of the club for many years, both as assistant manager and in recent times manager. I admired his passion for football and this club, in those years he has taken us on an amazing journey with many happy memories. I personally thank Paul for everything his have given to the Club during his time with us and while he will be missed, I wish him all the very best for the future.

We enter a new phase as a club and with this will come new challenges and opportunities.

I would again like to say a big thank all those that help and support the club paid unpaid. Without these individuals we really would struggle and wouldn’t be the club we are today so thank you.

As always we would happily welcome more people on board and if anyone is looking to get involved and volunteer then come have
chat with us.

Vicki Theobald