Advertising Boards – Promote Your Brand to the Community and Matchgoers!

Advertising boards at Stowmarket Town FC make a significant impact, providing businesses with an excellent opportunity to showcase their brand and services to the local community and matchgoers. With over a 90% renewal rate, these boards have proven to be a highly effective marketing tool, generating new business for our sponsors. Join us in this winning strategy to increase your brand visibility and connect with a wide audience.

Benefits of Advertising Boards:

  • Over 90% Renewal Rate: Our existing sponsors have experienced the value of advertising boards, leading to a high renewal rate and continuous brand exposure.
  • Real Impact: Positioned at strategic locations around Greens Meadow, these boards are impossible to miss, ensuring your brand gets noticed by all match attendees and visitors to our ground.
  • Welcome Tweet and Social Media Coverage: We’ll give you a warm welcome and share your sponsorship with our passionate online community.
  • In-House TV Screen and Online Programme: Your brand will feature prominently on our in-house TV screen and receive a 1/2 page advert in our online program for 12 months.
  • Hassle-Free Setup: We take care of everything, including producing and erecting the board. Just provide the artwork, and we handle the rest.

Design Services Available: Don’t have suitable artwork? No problem! Our design team can create a board for you at a very reasonable cost of £40 in addition to the board price.

Choose Your Preferred Board Option:
1. Pitchside Boards (£300): Visible at every game played at Greens Meadow, these boards get
maximum exposure to all teams using the ground throughout the season.

2. Roadside Boards (£500): Positioned along the edge of our carpark, facing the road, these boards capture the attention of everyone arriving at Greens Meadow and passing pedestrians and traffic on a daily basis.

3. Premier Boards (£750): Strategically located at key points around the site and facing the roundabout, these boards ensure maximum exposure on match days and visibility from multiple directions.

Renew Annually for Long-Lasting Impact:
Each board sponsorship is for 12 months and can be renewed annually to maintain a strong and consistent brand presence.

Join Our Success Story:
Embrace the power of advertising boards and make a real impact on your business. Connect with our vibrant community, generate new business, and elevate your brand to new heights.

Contact Us Today:
Secure your advertising board or learn more about this fantastic opportunity by contacting us. We’re excited to welcome you as part of our thriving sponsorship community. Be part of the action, promote your brand, and reach your target audience with Stowmarket Town FC’s advertising boards. Let’s make your presence known at Greens Meadow and beyond.