FA Respect

A reminder for ALL  supporter’s, players, officials and staff of Stowmarket Town FC.

As a football club we are part of the grass roots football family and the local community. In football we are part of the FA Respect campaign and as such we support this initiative which means abusive and foul language towards officials, management and or players is not tolerated and along with this as a community club this is not a good example to set in front of families who attend our or anyone else’s football matches. Anyone who does not respect this campaign and is witnessed by any of Stowmarket Town FC officials will be dealt with in the appropriate way, which may result in a ban.
So please when watching a game of football enjoy the game and there by let others enjoy the game too!


The Power of Positivity

For further information anybody can read the FA Respect Codes of Conduct displayed around the group and in the clubhouse or further information online Click Here