No doubt you will have seen the recent post and advertisement with the offer of our Player sponsorship program.  We could not succeed as a club without our fans so we have taken on board your feedback and after deliberation by the board of directors we have now updated the player sponsorship program.

The decision has now been made to reintroduce a way we used to conduct our player sponsorship program a few seasons ago.  Each player and management team member will have two options for sponsorship; i.e. as in Home sponsorship or Away sponsorship or even both.  In order to reward those fans and companies that have already applied or paid for their chosen player sponsorship we will contact these people/companies direct in order to discuss their preferred options before we will then open up all remaining player sponsorship options to our remaining fans and companies.

The new program will allow you to select to sponsor a player at Home games (£60) or Away games (£60) or you may wish to select both for your favourite player for the original price(£120) all for the full season ahead.  This will still give you the coverage as previously offered with your name or company name advertised in our matchday program, on our club website and on all our social media platforms and of course should your favourite player score a goal at our home games at Greens Meadows your details will be announced over our club matchday communication system.

We also hope that this will also show that we as a club will always listen to all our fanbase suggestions and help they may offer, as football without fans is just not fun at all.

Kind regards

Kevin Blundell
Interim Club Chairman Stowmarket Town FC

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